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Am CH Gallivant Black Russian  (8/18/2016-)

Five generation pedigree:

Am CH Gallivant Black Russian
Aster Liberti Labro Hamburg [OFA LR-226822G24M-VPI]
Night Single Great Genus Winners [ A]
MD GCH/PL,SK,MD,CY,BY,GE,AZ,LT, CH. Tweedledum Good Vibrations WC [ A]
Mallorn's Ursus Arctos [ A/A]
AM CH Visions I'm Able [OFA LR-161140G54M-PI]
Mallorn's MMM Marabou [ B/A ]
Tweedledum Purple Evening [ A/A]
FINW-03 Mailiksen Gentleman [ A/A]
Tweedledum Curtain Call [ B/A]
Ch Holstep's April Smile [ A/A]
CH PL SK Mallorn's Chocomania [ A/A]
SE U(U)CH Tjotte's Now or Never [ A/A]
ChFin Boothgate Miz Showbusiness [ B]
Ch Delightfull Lolita
Int Ch Stenveyz Don't Stop to Dance
Ch Stenveyz Living Melody
Aster Liberti Labro Gollandiya
Ch Mallorn's Madmax [ HD/A]
Dickendall Peace Keeper JH [OFA Good]
NORD V-99 NL CH Trendmaker's Tycoon [ A/A]
Dickendall Davaron Peaceful
Mallorn's Ursa Major [ A/A]
AM CH Visions I'm Able [OFA LR-161140G54M-PI]
Mallorn's MMM Marabou [ B/A ]
Grand CH RUS, CH RUS, CH UKR Aster Liberti Labro Era [FCI A/A]
C.I.B RU CH FIN MVA BG MVA BY CH UA CH Stenveyz Get Popular [ A/A]
FI MVA EST CH RU CH Palabras Keep on Movin' [ A/A]
Stenveyz Part of Million
Goodquite's Loved By All
Mallorn's Arcturus [ B/B]
Ch Goodquite's Nice [ A/A]
CH Gallivant BigPines Kenya [OFA LR-228147E34F-PI]
AM BISS GCH, CAN CH Paradocs Bellwether Heath [OFA LR-214621G24M-VPI]
BISS GCH CH Paradocs Obsidian [OFA LR-192750G24M-VPI]
Am Can CH Paradocs Hunterleigh's Quinn
CH Paradocs Jonquil [OFA Excellent]
Paradocs Tabatha's Corrie [OFA Good]
CH Dry Creek Paradocs Onyx [OFA LR-169908G24F-VPI]
Am Can CH Paradocs Tabatha's Caillou [OFA LR-149726F24M-PI]
CH Farbourne's Royal Pearl [OFA Good]
Bellwether Crosslots to Paradocs [OFA Good]
Am Can CH Paradocs Tabatha's Caillou [OFA LR-149726F24M-PI]
AmCH Tabatha's Sport WC
CH Tabatha's Paradocs Kali [OFA Excellent]
Ch Nirvana's Bebiche [OFA Good]
BISS AmCH Big Sky's Stone Kutter [OFA LR-166583F26M-PI]
Nirvana's Center of Bliss [OFA Good]
BISS GCH CH Big Pine Faith In Africa. [OFA LR-203374E35F-VPI]
Ch. Tabatha's Adventure Score WC [OFA LR-174990G34M-VPI]
AmCH Tabatha's Sport WC
BISS CH Dickendall Davaron Gable [OFA LR-125197G25M-PI]
AmCH Tabatha's Giggle [OFA LR-109411E24F-T]
Tabatha's Tease WC [OFA Good]
Am/Can CH Banner's Muskelunge Buckeye [OFA LR-54921G24M]
Tabatha's Jill of Ophir
Black Nebula Anguiano
Tequilabs Amadeus Air [OFA Good]
Kenzo Anguiano
Que Katrina Carrillo
Gabana Girl Anguiano
MEX CH Tabatha's Excalibur
Laide Shelby Anguiano

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