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Night Single Great Genus Winners  (5/2/2012-)

Five generation pedigree:

Night Single Great Genus Winners
MD GCH/PL,SK,MD,CY,BY,GE,AZ,LT, CH. Tweedledum Good Vibrations WC [ A]
Mallorn's Ursus Arctos [ A/A]
AM CH Visions I'm Able [OFA LR-161140G54M-PI]
AmCH Sounder's Hear Me Roar [OFA LR-99991G27M-T]
Guideline's Fat Cat
AmCH Sounders Vada Of Somis [OFA LR-80615G25F]
AmCH Kelleygreens Amazing Grace [OFA LR-99502E24F]
Visions American Express
Kelleygreens Starling
Mallorn's MMM Marabou [ B/A ]
FI UCH Loresho Ozzie [ A/A]
Int.Ch./Fin.Ch./Est.Ch. Bubbling Churchill [ A2]
Fin. Ch. Mallorn's Jersey Sour [ C2]
ChFin Boothgate Miz Showbusiness [ B]
Brandhams Show Stopper [BVA 6/6]
Oulsmi Endless Love [BVA 3:2]
Tweedledum Purple Evening [ A/A]
FINW-03 Mailiksen Gentleman [ A/A]
SUCH FIUCH Strongline's Eternal Flame [ A/A]
NO V-11 SE V-98 EE CH FI MVA Tawastway's Fooling Around [ B/C]
FIUCH Strongline's Jolly Known [ A/A]
Ch. Mailiksen Lumikki [ B/B]
Mailiksen Villi-Ruusu [ A/A]
Tweedledum Curtain Call [ B/A]
AmCH Dickendall Arnold [OFA LR-38719G25M]
CH Dickendalls Ruffy SH [OFA LR-29269E26M]
Dickendalls A-Ha
Tweedledum Mascara [ A]
Trendmaker's Our Rainbow [ A2]
Ch. Winnie's Kajal [ A2]
Ch Holstep's April Smile [ A/A]
CH PL SK Mallorn's Chocomania [ A/A]
SE U(U)CH Tjotte's Now or Never [ A/A]
SUCH DKUCH Cassatas Alladin Aces [ A]
Rocksteady By Night [ ua]
Ch Cassatas Ever Bossa Nova
Schw.Ch./Nor.Ch./Fin.Ch. Tjotte's Babysitter's Nightmare [ A ]
Am/Can CH Banner's Muskelunge Buckeye [OFA LR-54921G24M]
Nor. Ch.SE U(U)CH NO UCH Imp's Strictly Business
ChFin Boothgate Miz Showbusiness [ B]
Brandhams Show Stopper [BVA 6/6]
Boothgates Kountry Kraft [BVA 3/5]
Brandhams Hot Choice for Oulsmi [BVA 1/1]
Oulsmi Endless Love [BVA 3:2]
C.C.W. Stormley Craftsman at Ludzska [BVA 3:5]
Oulsmi Bold As Brass [BVA 2:6]
Ch Delightfull Lolita
Int Ch Stenveyz Don't Stop to Dance
Ch. Master of Chocolat Du Taillis Madame [ B ]
Bel./Lux.Ch. Brandhams Make Me A Star for Oulsmi [ A (0)]
Oulsmi Calypso [ B]
Ch Mallorn's Yacaranda [ A/B]
Int.Ch./Fin.Ch./Est.Ch. Bubbling Churchill [ A2]
Trendmaker's Make Your Move [ B/B]
Ch Stenveyz Living Melody
Mallorn's Chocolate Czar [ HD B]
CanCH, ChJpn Loresho Tango [ B/B]
Boothgates Letter Writer [ A/A]
ChRus, Ch Lit, ChBye Stenveyz Angel's Melody Baltic Winner'99
IntCh, ChBelg, Fr, Ger, Lux, Ned, Rus QUATRO OF Lucifers Delight [ A1]
Urfamycine of Lucifers Delight

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