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Arielle vom Warsingfehn  (2/4/1997-6/6/2007)

Five generation pedigree:

Arielle vom Warsingfehn
Kelvinhead Ace
Raughlin Roland of Kelvinhead
FTCh Glencoin Drummer of Drakeshead
Drakeshead Tasker
FTCh Glencoin Daffodil
IrlFTCH Raughlin Rose
FTCh/IrlFTCh Leacross Rinkals
FTCh/IrlFTCh Raughlin Whippet
Kelvinhead Candour
FTCh Leadburn Prince
Winston Pierpoint Sir
Lady Sharon of Brownrigg
Kelvinhead Comet
FTCh Kelvinhead Magnum
Polwarth Elm
Hedenhampark Spice
FTW Eyebrook Willow
FTCh Holdgate Willie
Eyebrook Josephine
Hedenham Park Plover
GBFTCH Black Dusk Of Ridlington
Kirby Cane Bess
Borre's A Dina
DKBRCH Tarok Trip
Staindrop Tipler
DKBRCH Fantacia (15268/76)
Borre's Bine
DKCH DKBRCH Sorte Saras D. Hero
Hylddalens Snuppi
Harriet of Ayers Rock
Minnows Water Botho
Like'Ims Water Dancer
Minnows Winter Whizz
NO CH NORD UCH INT CH NORD V-78 Licithas Blizzard
Sandylands Poser
Like'ims Quick Flyer
Norw. Ch. Heatherbourne Bandmaster
Lawnwood's Black Bess
Minnows Tilda
NO UCH Surprising's Mathias
Puhs Indra
NO UCH Surprising's Kornelia
Minnows Nelly
NORD UCH INT UCH Baronor Phoenix
Sandylands Poser
Coveygarden Alder
VDH-/LCD-CH. Kimvalley Impressive
Joline Inkling of Follytower
Astonbrook Crusader
Follytower Storming Lass
Balrion Noble Heights of Kimvalley
Prince Hal of Kimvalley
Balrion Squires Mistress
India von Ohrfeld
Dt. Ch./Int. Ch./VDH-Ch. Lawnwoods Wish Me Luck
GB.Ch. Warringah's Fore Square
Lawnwood's Spindrifter
Diant Double Dee
Cornlands Diant Man In Black
Diant Star Again

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