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NORDJCH Searover Flame  (9/21/1996-9/5/2005)

Five generation pedigree:

NORDJCH Searover Flame
Sparkfield Gavin
DKJCH Sparkfield Tobias
FTCh Tibea Tosh
FTCh Palgrave Quin
FTCh Shot of Palgrave
FTCh Palgrave Holly
FTCh Tibea Topaz
FTCh Hedenhampark Dash of Philray
FTCH Oday Alice of Tibea
Glenloch Snipe
FTCh Blackharn Jonty
FTCh Swinbrook Tan
Blackharn Puddie
IR FTCh Ann of Cleary
FTCh/IrlFTCh Leacross Rinkals
Derramore Thatch
Muckross Flame
FTCh Pocklea Remus
FTCh Haretor Mark of Drakeshead
FTCh Brenjon Dirk of Drakeshead
Haretor Emma
FTCh Drakeshead Gypsy
FTCh Pocklington Ben
FTCh Drakeshead Anna
Ernevale Connie
FTCh Broadville Adam
FTCh/IrlFTCh Leacross Rinkals
IrlFTCh Drakeshead Connie
Duchess of Lawnmount
Snello Boy Wonder
Lawnmount Lass
NO JCH LP SE JCH Classical Star-Light
SNJCH Iliadens Haimon
Manymills Electron
Manymills Widgeon
FTCh Holdgate Willie
Manymills Flute
Manymills Elsa
Manymills Edwin of Creasser
GB.Ch. Manymills Tanne
NOJCH SE JCH Allez Isabelle
Arrak (S22751/64)
Ayla (S04211/61)
Alltid Sun Flower
GB Ch Sandylands Alpha
Int.Ch., SE, DK Ch Nattens Solange
Guns Choice Fetch-It
Sandringham Bluff
FTCh Pocklington Glen
FTCh Swinbrook Tan
FTCh Sandringham Magpie
Sandringham Dipper
Hedenhampark Mallard
FTCh Sandringham Slipper
SE JCH Drakeshead Svea
FTCh Glencoin Drummer of Drakeshead
Drakeshead Tasker
FTCh Glencoin Daffodil
Drakeshead Fern of Hoptonwood
FTCh Brenjon Dirk of Drakeshead
FTCh Westead Tan of Drakeshead

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