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Genetic information for Cayuga's Penfield Little Lady

Number of offspring in database: 0
Number of full siblings in database: 11

The COI (Coefficient of Inbreeding) is calculated up to a maximum of 12 generations. However, if a generation is found where fewer than 75% of the dogs in that generation are known, the calculation stops just short of that generation. So if all dogs are known in the 5th generation but only half of them are known in the 6th generation, a 5-generation COI will be calculated. For dogs with more than 10 generations of pedigree information available, a 10-generation COI is also calculated for comparison and statistical purposes.

The COI is calculated entirely from the pedigree information present in the database, so if there are inaccuracies in the pedigree, there will also be inaccuracies in the COI. COIs are calculated in batches about once a month, so the current COI may not reflect recent pedigree changes. Accuracy of the COI is not guaranteed.

10-generation COI30.42% (greater than breed average* of 11.15%)
10-generation COI30.42%

* Breed average is calculated by averaging the 10-generation COIs of dogs in k9data born after the year 2000.

Top 5 ancestors contributing to COI, in order of influence:

Can Ch Crusader of Jeffery Coldwell CD3.81%
Can CH Red Russel of Jeffery3.19%
Schubendorf's Sandy2.88%
Goldie of Schubendorf2.56%
Pat of Schubendorf2.31%

Unique ancestors: 103 out of a possible 2002
Common ancestors: 76

Don't know how to interpret this information? Read this article about population genetics for breeders.

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