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Change history for Daintree BB It's Cold Outside

3/2/2017 7:14:23 PM:
Added by Trisha Shanks
Daintree Baby It's Cold Outside

3/2/2017 7:16:54 PM:
Modified by Trisha Shanks
CallName="Chilly", Gender="F", Country="CA", BirthDay=14, BirthMonth=12, BirthYear=2016, Registry="CKC", Breeder="Daintree Kennels (Trisha Shanks)", Owner="Trisha Shanks", DMStatus="P", CountryResidence="CA", StateResidence="BC", ColorDesc="Golden red and white"

3/2/2017 7:17:27 PM:
Modified by Trisha Shanks
sireID=749569, damID=749575

3/2/2017 11:40:26 PM:
Modified by Trisha Shanks
name="Daintree BB It""s Cold Outside", SearchName="DAINTREEBBITCOLDOUTSIDE"

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