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Change history for GCH CH Manitou's Toast It Up RN OF DS

4/28/2016 1:27:39 PM:
Imported from Toller database

11/14/2016 5:19:09 PM:
Modified by cindy lindemer
HipID="DTR-1944G28M-VPI", HipRegistry="OFA", EyeID="DTR-EYE375/37M-VPI", EyeRegistry="OFA", HeartID="DTR-CA951/38M/C-VPI-ECHO", HeartRegistry="OFA", ElbowID="DTR-EL763M28-VPI", ElbowRegistry="OFA", ThyroidID="DTR-TH593/32M-VPI", ThyroidRegistry="OFA", PRARegistry="F", PRAID="DTR-PRA646/32M-VPI-CAR", CHIC="105999", DMStatus="C", DMRegistry="F", DMID="DTR-DM226/37M-VPI", CountryResidence="US", StateResidence="AZ", CP1Status="C", CP1Registry="F", CP1ID="DTR-CP616/39M-VPI", CP2Status="C", CP2Registry="F", CP2ID="DTR-CPS237/39M-VPI", JADDStatus="C", JADDRegistry="F", JADDID="DTR-JAD637/18M-VPI", DEStatus="P", BuffLab="OFA", BuffAscension="DTR-BUF171/39M-VPI", BuffFinding="Normal"

11/14/2016 5:26:41 PM:
Modified by cindy lindemer
name="Manitou""s Toast It Up RN OF DS", SearchName="MANITOUTOASTITUPRNOFD"

11/20/2016 8:01:04 PM:
Modified by cindy lindemer

3/7/2019 8:17:09 PM:
Modified by cindy lindemer
CDDYStatus="C", CDDYRegistry="VGL", CDDYID="NCD94896"

Key for gene testing results:
C = Clear
R = Carrier
A = Affected
P = Clear by Parentage
CO = Clear inferred by offspring
RO = Carrier inferred by offspring
RP = Carrier inferred by parentage

Key for gene testing labs:
A = Antegene
AVC = Alfort Veterinary College
EM = Embark
G = Animal Genetics
L = Laboklin
O = Optigen
P = Paw Print
UM = University of Minnesota
UMO = Unversity of Missouri
T = Other
VGL = UC Davis VGL

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