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Change history for BISS Am./Can. CH Gold-Rush's Great Teddy Bear OS SDHF

1/11/2000 1:11:18 PM:
Added by Brian Smith
Gold-Rushs Great Teddy Bear

1/11/2000 1:14:06 PM:
Modified by Brian Smith
name="Gold-Rush""s Great Teddy Bear", FrontTitles="Ch", EndTitles="OS SDHF"

1/11/2000 1:15:31 PM:
Modified by Brian Smith

1/11/2000 6:48:22 PM:
Modified by Brian Smith
sireID=56, damID=57

2/5/2000 5:05:16 PM:
Modified by Deb Sacco
HipID="Gr3779", HipRegistry="OFA"

2/5/2000 5:06:01 PM:
Modified by Deb Sacco

2/5/2000 6:16:43 PM:
Modified by Pat Simpson
FrontTitles="Am/Can CH", Honorifics="BISS", Country="US", BirthDay=11, BirthMonth=02, BirthYear=1974, Registry="AKC", RegistrationNumber="SB555537", HipID="GR-3779"

3/22/2000 1:48:03 PM:
Modified by Karen Webb
FrontTitles="Am./Can. CH.", RegistrationNumber="SB-555537"

5/17/2000 11:19:42 AM:
Modified by Betty Gay
EyeID="GR-281/77-42", EyeRegistry="CERF"

12/10/2000 12:17:54 PM:
Modified by Lesley Kenyon
CallName="Teddy", Honorifics="BISS, GRCC Hall of Fame", Breeder="Ann Johnson", Owner="Ann Johnson, Diane Smith"

5/16/2002 6:01:40 AM:
Modified by R. Ann Johnson
DeathYear=1981, Website="gold-Rushgoldens@aol.com"

8/14/2002 7:42:39 PM:
Modified by Jerri-Lynn Morrison
name="Gold-Rush""s Great Teddy Bear (Lab ancestor 1920s)", SearchName="GOLDRUSHGREATTEDDYBEARLABANCESTOR1920S"

8/15/2002 8:55:23 AM:
Modified by Jerri-Lynn Morrison
name="Gold-Rush""s Great Teddy Bear", SearchName="GOLDRUSHGREATTEDDYBEAR"

3/27/2005 5:18:52 PM:
Modified by Carol-Ann DeMaio Goheen

9/8/2006 11:14:49 AM:
Modified by Mayra SC

3/6/2009 9:35:38 AM:
Modified by Roy Ji
FrontTitles="BISS Am./Can. CH"

7/26/2017 1:36:08 PM:
Modified by Emily Pate

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