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Change history for Fantastic Golden v. Axenfels

4/19/2003 11:46:36 PM:
Added by ivana halabalova
Fantastic Golden v. Axenfels

5/9/2003 1:51:07 AM:
Modified by Katarzyna Lisowska
sireID=72534, damID=100819

10/2/2004 9:10:57 AM:
Modified by Franco Tauceri
BirthDay=15, BirthMonth=04, BirthYear=1991, Breeder="Kublbock Renate", Owner="Jan Kubeš ", Website="http://retriver.cz/chovpsi/chkgr/chk_gr_12.htm"

10/2/2004 9:16:01 AM:
Modified by Franco Tauceri
Registry="Other", RegistrationNumber="CLP/GR/12/93"

2/12/2007 1:25:06 PM:
Modified by Zuzana Stuchlová
DeathYear=2002, Owner="Jan Kubeš "

6/21/2009 3:49:50 PM:
Modified by Aneta Tyl

8/24/2009 7:18:06 AM:
Modified by Lucie Sedláková
Honorifics="CAC, R.CACIB", Country="IT", Breeder="Kublbock Renate, I", Owner="Ing. Jan Kubes + Ing. Frantisek Korda, CZ"

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